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Trading through Lockdown?

Trading Through Lockdown?

Play your part in reducing Covid-19

As a business within the borough, you have an essential role in preventing transmission. We wish to avoid further restrictions, which may happen if numbers continue to rise. Therefore, we are asking all those with responsibility for the safety of their business, customers and staff, to review and ensure their legally required Covid-Secure prevention measures are correctly implemented.

If you are still trading during the current lockdown, it is essential that all Covid-Secure precautions are in place. If you are required to temporarily cease trading, this may be an opportunity to review your arrangements for when you can re-open. The following are some of the key requirements:

  1. Check the details of which businesses must close or may remain open or which are subject to certain restrictions, during the current national lockdown.
  2. Complete a COVID-19 risk assessment – it is a legal requirement to have one in place.
  3. Ensure self-isolation requirements are complied with. It is a criminal offence to allow an employee who you know is required to self-isolate to come to your premises to work.
  4. Turn staff and customers with coronavirus symptoms away.
  5. In many indoor premises, it is a legal requirement for customers to wear face coverings. Check when to wear one, exemptions, and how to make your own.
  6. Face coverings are also required to be worn by employees in retail, leisure and hospitality businesses. Some exemptions apply. Please note that a face shield or visor is not acceptable as a form of face covering.
  7. Display the official NHS QR code poster and ask your customers, visitors, and staff to ‘check in’ using it on arrival. Find out which businesses are legally required to display the QR code and how to create one.
  8. If the QR code requirement applies to your business, you must ensure that you collect the contact details of those who can’t or choose not to check in using a QR code by keeping a record of their details for 21 days. This is also a legal requirement (some exemptions apply).
  9. Make sure everyone is social distancing.
  10. Clean more often and ask staff to wash hands frequently.
  11. Increase ventilation by keeping doors and windows open where possible and running ventilation systems at all times.

May we kindly remind you that as a business owner or manager, it is your legal responsibility to ensure you are kept up to date with the latest regulations, guidance and advice. This can be found on the Government’s website.

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