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Test Before You Fly and Test to Release

Test Before You Fly And Test To Release

With summer on the way and more flights available every week, make sure to keep up to date with the local and holiday destination guidelines around Covid-19 fit to fly tests.

Test Before you Fly

Gatwick has now opened its flights to more destination following the new Government guidelines with the traffic light system of green, amber and red in place.  For those who have plans on getting away, make sure to not just check the UK guidelines but also the country that you will be visiting. As many may have their own rules set in place around Covid-19 test and travel restrictions. Check here for more information about the country you will be visiting.

A required test in the 3 days before you fly is needed for most countries and there is plenty of places in the South East that you can get one done. Find a list here of all the Covid-19 Providers in the South East and all around the UK.

Test on Release Program

A recently new program that allows anyone travelling from an amber country to cut down your quarantine time if you choose to take a private test on your 5th day of being back in the UK. More information on how to take part in this scheme here.

More information on the Red, Amber and Green list including all the steps you must take before you travel can be found here.

Find out about more local news HERE.

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