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What Does Freedom Day Mean For My Work Place

What Does Freedom Day Mean For My Work Place

Even though we have now moved into step 4 of the government roadmap, as of the 19th July 2021, also being called freedom day. How will this impact business and office work employees?

Many employees are currently still working from home even though the ‘Stay at home’ restriction was lifted back in March. With the new restrictions lift what does this in detail mean for businesses and their employees? Especially when people might still not be comfortable with getting back out there and going into work, even if for most it is freedom day.

How should companies deal with bringing back staff members?

A gradual return to work could be carried out differently by different companies. For instance, by reference to fundamental business needs, finding the staff who may need to use the office more than others. Another alternative is to have fixed groups of employees that go to the workplace on various days, weeks or times. The Guidelines likewise recognize that numerous businesses are taking a step to encourage working from home. If it doesn’t impact the business growth, by implementing a couple of days of work from home a week. If you have any personal requests it is recommended to speak to your employer personally.

Will our staff members be required to wear a mask after freedom day?

Wearing masks is an optional choice when it comes to office work. However, it is recommended that companies encourage their staff to continue to stay safe and follow social distancing measures. Particularly if offices have spaces that have a lot of enclosed and small areas or in the communal halls.



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