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Updates on Pedestrian Precinct Improvements

Updates On Pedestrian Precinct Improvements

We were incredibly grateful to be joined by the Mike George, Chairman of the Horley Town Planning Committee who provided a detailed explanation of the plans and progress around the Pedestrian Precinct Improvements.

Full details of the plans can be found here.

Here are the key highlights Mike gave to the group.

Developments are Running Long

Due to the nature of the improvements and issues with the utilities the project will be running slightly over schedule.

Loading Bays Confirmed for Local Shops.

Two loading bays servicing shops are confirmed, one bay will be on the high street, the other will be behind the shops allowing for rear loading.

On Budget

The development is on budget and is looking likely to complete within allocated allowances.

Lighting and Power is in Place.

Ample lighting and power points for community events, staging and the Christmas tree are in place.


Signage will be placed throughout Horley, starting on the outskirts and getting increasing granular as you approach the centre of town. Finger signs, maps, monoliths and way finders will be clearly visible throughout Horley.

These highlights mention a few of the key points that Mike George discussed with the group. It was a really useful exercise that answered a lot of the questions and queries that we had.

The Horley Chamber of Commerce are fully in favour of the town precinct developments and will be offering support in any way needed. As a sign of support we are writing a detailed letter of support and look forward to seeing the end result of these efforts.

If you have any questions or would like more information please Contact Us and let us know how we can help.


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