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How might the rules change on the 16th August 2021 & how will this impact your business

How Might The Rules Change On The 16th August 2021 & How Will This Impact Your Business

Another day approaches where the covid rules in the UK will once again change. But just what do the changes on 16th august mean for you and just how long will it last for.

Contact Test and Trace

Most of the changes will be to do with fully vaccinated people. It is said from 16th August, fully-vaccinated people will no longer have to self-isolate if a contact test positive for Covid. Instead, it is recommended that you keep up with your own personal testing using the government a home free lateral test. If at any time you have any changes in your results or the way you feel you should report it. Also, stay away from other people until you have conducted a full PCR test and the result is negative.

From 16th August how does travel change?

No more quarantine for people arriving from the EU or the US for fully vaccinated people. As the government want to be able to get people who miss family and friends to reunite who live away from each other overseas, this will help bring people together once again. The transport secretary has stated that as long as the person has had their second jab at least 14 days before arriving then this will apply to them. Find out more about this travel change.

For your own safety,  you will still be required to take a PCR or Lateral test before you depart. It is highly recommended you check with your airline and destination country on their requirements. As some airlines my need you to get a certain test. The vaccines that are approved by the US Food and Drug Administration or European Medicines Agency’s are required for this to apply to you.

International Buisness

For your business, this means anyone with international offices in the US or EU can once again visit. As well as holding overseas meetings and appointments. Businesses will also be able to attend overseas business exhibitions.

These changes will once again be reviewed in September. As they will want to have a plan for over the winter period.

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